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Go Clean With Your Beauty Routine

How can you really go "clean" with your beauty routine?

1. Do an ingredient check. For a deeper dive into ingredients, the Beauty Lab recommends consulting resources like the Made Safe Hazard List and the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep database. Both nonprofits aim to collect the latest science on ingredients and offer recommendations for safety-certified products across categories.

2. Choose fragrance- and dye-free. Products that contain no fragrances or dyes are by nature better for the environment, as they use fewer ingredients, and people can have sensitivities to both. Even fragrance from natural sources can cause reactions. Plus, brands aren’t required to list the ingredients in “fragrance” on labels, so in many cases there’s no way to know what’s in those products.

3. Pick less packaging. The more minimal the packaging, the better for the earth. Whenever possible, seek out products with fewer components and without parts or materials that can’t be recycled (aim for codes 1 and 2) and unnecessary elements like outer boxes. Keep your eye out for the winners of GH’s new Sustainability Awards for beauty, home care and toys, to be announced this fall.

4. Buy (green!) beauty that gives back. Seek out beauty brands that donate a portion of their proceeds or make a contribution to environmental causes.

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