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5 Beauty Products With Cult Followings Worth Knowing

With so many great beauty products out there and new companies popping up all the time it's no wonder that there are hundreds if not thousands of smaller beauty companies that you've never heard of. My team and I asked for recommendations, scoured the web, and went in-store (to small boutiques) to discover awesome products that are under the radar, at least for now. And while these products are under the radar, they all have developed quite the cult following online with hundreds of five star reviews that are simply gushing about them.

We tried dozens of different products, but these were our absolute favorite finds.

A great facial oil can be hard to find so when another makeup artist recommended Naked + Thriving's Rejuvenate Restorative Facial Oil we had to try it. This oil has garnered nearly 300 five star reviews online and after trying it we see why. The oil smells delightful, absorbs quickly, and adds an instant glow that takes radiance to a whole other level. And apparently this one won't be under the radar for too long, it just got picked up by Us Weekly as a cult favorite! Kudos to them for being organic and for planting a tree for every bottle sold!

Customers Rave

"I cannot say enough about this oil! I have combination skin; t-zone can become oily during the day and my cheeks can be very dry. I've been using this before bed for about a month. My skin is now wonderfully balanced! No more oily t-zone, no more dry cheeks. My pores have gotten noticeably smaller and my skin tone has evened out. Clogged pores and little blackheads, gone! I dare say that the fine lines that had been starting to form (I'm 55) have also been minimized. I never thought I could be so pleased with one product!"

- Mimi

Update: We reached out to see if they offered any discounts, they are currently offering 10% off with code CLEAN2019.

This lightweight foundation is clean beauty approved. We found it goes on well and does a great cover up job. It also smells like a dream. It has about 150 positive reviews on their own site and another 50 on other sites.

Customers Rave

"This is my new favorite foundation and has a great light to medium coverage that looks so natural on the skin. It also has a really nice natural non-perfumy smell that I really like and I am very sensitive to smell so I was really happy with this. I definitely recommend this to someone looking for a great foundation regardless if you want a natural one because this is just good!"


OK so you may have heard for Rahua before as it's gained in popularity in recent years, but we still love it for being a clean shampoo option! It is gentle and effective, which can be hard to find for natural shampoos.

Customers Rave

"Love, love, love the Rahua voluminous shampoo. Often times, I like to wash my hair twice to get that really clean feeling but not needed with this product. I’m going to continue to use this lovely shampoo."

- Lori

This soap really is for everything! It's a wonderful face & body soap, but also for dishes and dogs? OK so we did not test on a dog to be transparent, but we did try on our dishes and well and they were squeaky clean. It is made with organic ingredients and smells of lemongrass (yum!)

Customers Rave

"I ordered one, then immediately ordered another the day after the first arrived. It smells like heaven, the glass bottle looks beautiful... it's green... and leaves my hands feeling moisturized, unlike most soaps. Plus, as per the name, I can wash ANNNYYTHIIING in this and be fine! Love."


Alright, so it was a learning curve for us to scoop out deodorant and apply it with our hands, but aside from that this deodorant is wonderful! It is a natural deodorant that actually works and is baking soda free! It smells like a grapefruit dream.

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