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Clean Facial Oil: The Secret to Supercharged Radiant Skin

August 1, 2019

Great skin is not born, it's maintained. Adding a great, clean oil (see recommendations below) to your routine has been the most effective change I've seen in my clients' skin and my own over the years.


So you've been using a moisturizer for years, great! Keep using it. Moisturizers and oils are often pitted against one another when, in reality, they should be used in conjunction. Moisturizers are water based and deliver the H2O your skin needs whereas botanical oils deliver essential vitamins, fatty acids and minerals that help enhance the health of your skin and make you look radiant.


Which clean oil you use will dictate the exact types of benefits and nutrients that are delivered, but great facial oils will provide some or all of the below. Try to use a clean oil with all natural or organic ingredients to ensure you are not putting toxins in your body.


Botanical Oil Benefits

Antioxidants:  Help restore skin's elasticity

Vitamin E:  Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

Omega Fatty Acids:  Promote healthy skin cells and repair damage

Alpha Lipoic Acid:  Decreases inflammation and the appearance of fine lines

Beta Carotene:  A form of Vitamin A, restores healthy cells

Vitamin C:  Protects and heals against free radical damage and inflammation 

Cytokins:  Promote growth and regeneration in cells


When to Use Oils

Normal to Dry Skin After you moisturize (allow moisturizer to absorb first)

Oilier Skin:  Before your moisturize (allow oil to absorb first)

Note:  These are general rules, try what works best for you


The Best Facial Oils


Naked + Thriving Detox Balancing Facial Oil



As you might have seen in one of my older posts I discovered Naked + Thriving because their Rejuvenate Facial Oil had developed a cult following. And while I absolutely love the Rejuvenate, their Detox Balancing Oil has become my miracle product and the one I use the most (both on myself and my clients!) Detox instantly brightens, increases elasticity, and evens out skin tone. The active ingredients are some of my favorite, including:  Jojoba (Vitamins E & B), Evening Primrose (Omega Fatty Acids), Frankincense (anti-inflammatory), and Apricot (Vitamins A, C, & E). It works great as a primer and adds an extra dose of moisture during the harsh winter months. It's made made from organic and natural oils, one bottle can easily last 4-5 months and they plant a tree for every bottle sold, yay! Bonus, if you're looking for a body oil they just released one I'm obsessed with.


Update: Naked + Thriving is offering 10% off any full-size bottle with code CLEAN19.


Vitner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum


Full disclosure, this product is a splurge at $185.  This oil provides skin firming benefits and helps to prevent wrinkles. However, the dropper is not my favorite. But if you're flush with cash this is a great option.


Maya Chia Supercritical Omega-3 Chia Oil


You've heard of chia seeds for digestion, but they are actually used in quite a few beauty products as well. I like this oil because it leaves skin moisturized (but all good oils do), however, it does not have the same tightening effects as of the others. I generally use this one when I am doing makeup for large groups, e.g. at a fashion show.



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